Labour Day Weekend

The crowd is gone, we are now getting prepared for another week. This past weekend we had all of the rooms booked (including a few cots) with anglers from the New Brunswick Sport Fishing Association. Labour Day Weekend is the NBSFA season finale weekend held in and sponsored by Woodstock, NB each year. I took a couple of hours to go watch the weigh-in at the launch down by the NBCC. The weekend for the anglers is exciting for Team of the Year is usually on the line. This weekend was no exception. In the running were Aaron Hood/Brandon Jones, Jeff Wilson/Andy Moran, and Mark Alward/Henry Arseneault. After this weekend one of these teams could be the team of the year or a team unexpectedly could come out from a few places behind and snatch it out of their hands.

This weekend was no exception. Raymond and Jeff were in the lead on day one while one of our guests Rob and Wendy were in fifth place. Like I always say…one never knows what can happen on the water. Rob and Wendy smashed them on day two and stepped up to take first place with a weight of 32.30 lbs for two days. This means that one of the top anglers would be moved from the running for the Team of the Year. I want to congratulate our guests Rob and Wendy for their amazing weekend along with second-place winners Wilson and Moran and Raymond and Jeff for placing third. To see who actually made Team of the Year go to the NBSFA site for more information –

Our little Bed and Breakfast was a flurry of activity this past weekend and we are very grateful for being a part of this community. We look forward to seeing everyone again on September 18th for the NBSFA Classic.

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